Before you enroll in a Medicare Supplement or Advantage plan you must be enrolled in Medicare A and B. Medicare A covers inpatient care in a hospital or nursing facility as well as hospice. Most of us (or our spouse) have paid enough in Medicare taxes that we don’t have to pay for Part A.   Part B covers medically necessary doctor visits, preventative care, outpatient surgery and durable medical equipment. Unless you have an extremely low income or very limited assets you will have to pay for Medicare Part B. The majority of Medicare beneficiaries pay a monthly premium of                $ 148,50. This is assuming you are a single person whose income is not over $88,000 or a married person with an income that does not exceed $176,000. This chart shows what you can expect to pay if your income exceeds these levels:

Medicare Part B, Premiums – 2021

Medicare Part B, Premiums Chart - 2021









If you are currently receiving your Social Security check your Part B premium is subtracted before you receive it. To receive your full Social Security amount you must wait until you are 66. If you have not started receiving your Social Security benefits you will receive quarterly invoice from Medicare.

If your income exceeds $88,000 as a single person or $176,00 for a married couple you will pay more for your drug plan, This chart shows the additional amount to expect:

Medicare Part D, Premiums – 2021

Medicare part D premium adjustments Chart -2021

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