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Medicare Supplements

Medicare supplements help cover that gaps you're left with after standard Medicare pays.

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Medicare Advantage

Medicare can be tricky to understand. Learn the facts about Medicare part C and get coverage.

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Short Term Medical Coverage

Continuous coverage in between life events.

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Individual & Family Medical Insurance

For anyone not covered by an employer. Let us help you find coverage for you and your loved ones.

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Applying for a 2021 Health Insurance Policy in NC

 Topics Covered and Questions Answered: Explanation of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) provisions ACA Terminology How to choose a plan? Who is eligible for a government subsidy? How to apply for a government subsidy and what questions to expect? When you can apply for health insurance that is compliant with

How much will you have to pay for Part B and D?

Before you enroll in a Medicare Supplement or Advantage plan you must be enrolled in Medicare A and B. Medicare A covers inpatient care in a hospital or nursing facility as well as hospice. Most of us (or our spouse) have paid enough in Medicare taxes that we don’t have

What is the Donut Hole?

If you’re turning 65 or becoming Medicare eligible, one of your challenges is choosing a drug plan. Many are confused by the term “Donut Hole” (also called the Coverage Gap). Medicare Prescription Drug Plans have four parts or phases, Initial Deductible, Initial Coverage, Donut Hole and Catastrophic. To understand the Donut

Welcome to Health Insurance Solutions of NC

Whether you are losing health insurance coverage due to a job loss, turning 26, moving to a new area or becoming Medicare eligible, we can help you find a plan suitable for your health needs, lifestyle and pocketbook. We can also help you explore your options if you want more coverage, a lower premium or simply need a Short Term Medical, dental or vision policy.

Our owner, Wanda Stephens, represents twenty-one top rated insurance companies that offer health insurance, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Medicare prescription drug, dental and vision policies. As a result she can offer you an unbiased comparison of your choices.

Although the passage of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare or ACA) helped consumers by preventing insurance companies from declining or charging more due to pre-existing conditions, it has also increased confusion. Probably the largest causes of bewilderment are knowing who qualifies for a government subsidy to help them pay for their insurance, estimating the subsidy and understanding the Marketplace application process. Whether or not you qualify for government help, we have the tools and expertise to dramatically decrease the time spent on this process.

In order for us to help you apply for a Marketplace plan we will need to collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about you and your family. Examples are names, addresses, dates of birth, household income, telephone numbers, marital status, immigration status and social security numbers. This Privacy Notice Statement goes into more detail regarding defining PII, how it can and cannot be used and how the government requires us to keep it private and safe.

For our clients who are turning 65 or becoming Medicare eligible we plug your information (such as prescription drugs and favorite drug stores) into an impartial government web site. We are adept at presenting, analyzing and using this data to help you find policies that suit your financial goals, health needs and lifestyle. Our commitment is to educate, offer unbiased choices, assist with your applications and reduce the time required for the entire process.


Wanda is very helpful and has tremendous knowledge of the Health Insurance industry. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the Triangle area with Health Insurance needs.

Jeff SanGeorge and young Kids

Helpful and Knowledgeable

Jeff SanGeorge - Digital Marketer

"My Nannies love working with Wanda".

Thanks for getting us set up!

Sally Howell, owner - Trio LLC.

"Wanda took the confusion out of Medicare and found me an Advantage plan that meets my needs with a zero monthly premium."

Wanda makes Medicare easy

- Bill Fader, Durham, NC

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